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Visit the Paarl Pro Shop for all your retail needs. Located in the clubhouse, we are open 7 days a week.
We stock many of the leading clothing brands, branded merchandise and gear. Talk to us about
what you need - even if we don't stock it, we might be able to order it for you.

Chat to Elana and Melaney next time you are in the shop about
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Everything you need from the Paarl GC Pro Shop to make sure you return to the course with confidence!

Email Melaney at for enquiries or purchases.

To make your return to the course even sweeter, this week we have some very good deals on our hardware. Drivers, fairway woods and hybrids are marked down at really good prices. Here is some of the ... See more

Sunny Saturday Lockdown Sale Specials

Today's offer is again for the ladies and we have our Kate Lord range on offer.

The tops retailed at R799 and is available now for ONLY R550 while the one longsleeve top is available @ ...
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Extended offers during Paarl Pro Shop's Lockdown Sale

Today's offer is for the ladies and we have the RHODE ISLAND shirts and shorts.

The shirts retailed at R510 and the shorts at R560. All items now available @ R350.

Rhode Island ...
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Day 13 Lockdown Sale - Paarl Pro Shop

Today's offer is on SWAGG men's shirts.
There are only 9 shirts available.

The shirts retailed for R599 and is available now for R399.

SWAGG men's shirts
Lime 1 x Small, 2 x ...
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Monday double offer

Today we have another double offer:
ADIDAS for the men and ARC for the ladies.

The ADIDAS long sleeve tops were R1045 and is now R750.
There are only 4 available: 1 x S, 1 x M, 1 x ...
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Day 9 Paarl Pro Shop - Lockdown Sale - Hat Day

We have straw hats as well as bucket hats on offer today.

The straw hats retailed at R475 and is now available at R299.

While the bucket hats were R325, they are now ...
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Day 8 - Paarl Pro Shop Lockdown Sale

DAILY TROPICAL ladies' range.

Mesh shirts (far right) - 4: 1 x Large, 1 x XLarge, 2 x XXLarge {WAS R990 - NOW R599}

Longsleeve mesh shirts (front left) 2: 1 x XLarge, 1 x XXLarge ...
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Day 7 of Paarl Pro Shop Lockdown Sale

AHEAD shorts traded for R650 and now available for R399.
Below please find the list of colours and sizes and down below the image.

Grey 1 x 34, 2 x 38, 1 x 40, 1 x 42, 1 x 44
Navy 1 ...
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Day 6 - Paarl Pro Shop Sale

Colorful designed SMART-TEE shorts for men in the following sizes:
Fish 1 x 36, 1 x 38
Pineapples 1 of each: 32,34,36,38,40
Skulls 2 x 32 and 1 x 34
Lemons 1 x 40

Day 5 Paarl Pro Shop - Lockdown Sale

The PRINGLE shirts were retailed at R599. It is now available @ R399.
White 2 1 x Small, 1 x Extra Large
Lime 3 1 x Large,1 x XLarge, 1 x XXlarge
Turquoise 2 1 x Large,1 x ...
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Day 3 &4 of Lockdown Sale combined

Ernie Els shirts were R635 and now available @ R399

Red stripes 3 - 1 x Medium, 1 x Large, 1 x XXLarge
Blue stripes 4 - 2 x Medium, 2 x Large
White (with grey stripes) 4 - 1 x ...
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Day 2 - Paarl Pro Shop Lockdown Sale

Today's offer is for the ladies again. We have Navy & Pink and Sky Blue & Lime sleeveless shirts which retailed at R550. The Violet Floral shirts retailed at R540. All shirts on offer today @ ... See more
Plain skorts were R699, while the florals retailed for R599.
All skorts for today ONLY.... R399!

Click here for the assortment of sizes for each design: See more